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New Ultra Street Fighter Trailer

By acharris7722-04-2014

After announcing that Decapre is to join Ultra Street Fighter, Capcom releases a new trailer. Showing some action from the game, the video firstly shows off the new characters and what type of moves they got that they will bring to the part. The five characters added are: Decapre, Poison, Hugo, Elena, and Rolento.

There are also going to be six new locations where the fights will take place, which are briefly shown in the trailer. Being introduced is a new battle system and first up is the Red Focus Attack. This looks to be ideal if you are in a tight spot, as you can absorb some hits and get out of the corner you are stuck with a counter-attack. You will also be able to use your two ultra-combos in the same round now. Cool, right?

Next, the elimination mode, which looks like fun. Now in the team battle mode the successful winner enters the next round with only a little bit of health recovered. Whereas in previous games all training takes place offline, Ultra Street Fighter allows fighters to train online against anyone around the world. And the last new feature is the ability to upload to YouTube. Now you can upload your best fights and combos for the whole community and your friends to see.

I have been a fan of Street Fighter since the beginning, so I am looking forward to this. I just hope this lives up to the expectations as the more recent titles in the series have not been great. Let us know your thoughts below.

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