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New Trailer Shows More of Everything

By MrJenssen07-02-2014

Sniper Elite V2 was not perfect by any means, but damn was it fun still. Especially with a buddy. The sequel promises to be more open-ended, allow for more planning and tactics, and an even more gruesomely detailed killcam to let those facial cringe-muscles work harder than ever.

The gameplay footage shown above - courtesy of VG24/7 - doesn't really give us a good idea of exactly how open the missions will be, but at least we do get a nice look at some of the new features. Along with the improved X-Ray killcam - that has now been extended to vehicles as well - you'll now earn XP from exceptional kills, which is naturally used to level up and customize your loadout and weaponry in the game's new RPG-esque levelling system. There is also a new relocation system similar to that of Splinter Cell: Conviction, where you'll need to get away from your current position after making a sniper kill, lest you want to get spotted by suspecting nearby patrols.

Well, that's about it. Though there isn't much more new to mention, the five minutes of gameplay is still a nice indicator of what we'll get. And hell, if it's only slightly more open than V2, can we really complain? The game is set for release sometime in the late spring or early summer. We'll keep you posted on anything new from the rebellious studio once we hear about it.

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Posts: 1317

Yeah, though I am a little surprised at the fact that the weapons seem to sound exactly the same. Wasn't this supposed to be some next gen game? That takes advantage of the stronger hardware of the new consoles and yada yada?

Posts: 297

Doesn't look all that different, but then again didn't expect it to. Although i'll be looking forward to playing it eventually.