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New Trailer Exposes the Exalt, Hints at Base Defense

By MrJenssen10-10-2013

Last year's XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a great game according to lots of people. With it, Firaxis proved that the turn based, squad tactical shooter strategy boogaloo genre is still viable in today's market. With certain modifications, of course.

Ever since, Firaxis have been busy at work with a big new expansion titled XCOM: Enemy Within. As the title states, the enemy won't only consist of horrid alien monsters this time around. The expansion introduces a brand new race of enemies: Humans. Dun-dun-duuuun!!

No, seriously! They new enemies are humans, as you can clearly see from the newly released gameplay trailer above, and they call themselves the Exalt. Think of them as power-hungry terrorist cells that work in the shadows and strike from within, when you least expect it. To combat them, you need to expose each cell individually and attack them before the relocate and go back into hiding. Though this trailer doesn't show it specifically, rumors in the wind suggest that the base defense missions from the old X-Com games is about to make a return in this expansion. If this is the case, we'll likely be hearing more about it shortly.

XCOM: Enemy Within releases November 15, and as it is not a stand-alone expansion, it requires the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown in order to be played. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. Oh, and start writing a list of names for the new recruits you'll be sending to the slaughter.

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