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New TimeSplitters Coming to PC for Free

By NAG3LT15-03-2013

Since the acquisition of Free Radical by Crytek in 2009, fans of the TimeSplitters franchise were asking for a new game in the series. Crytek did not consider the interest in the game big enough to be worth the effort, but in November 2012 they allowed 100,000 strong for TimeSplitters 4 fan team to make a new TimeSplitters game, as well as to use the assets from previous games. In an interview to Cooking With Grenades the development team shared the details about current progress of TimeSplitters Rewind.

The game will be free and made on CryEngine 3, it won't require any additional software. The models will be rebuilt from ground up to improve their quality, compared to original ones. TS Rewind will combine elements from 3 previous games and will be multiplayer focused with 8-16 player matches. There are also plans to add campaigns form previous games if Crytek allows it. Unfortunately, there are no plans for split-screen at the moment, as CE3 SDK doesn't support it.

For the full details, check the interview. Those who have skills and want to help the project can contact Michael Hubicka – MichaelBHG on Skype. It is definitely a good move from Crytek to allow fans of the old series to make their own new installment. However, we definitely live in a strange world, where old PC classics get resurrected and consolised, while old console classics reappear as PC exclusives.


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Endzville sums it up pretty well, TimeSplitters was/is awesome!

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Also, we need paragraphing, damnit!

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Well, this is rather amazing. Stunt, I don't know where to begin. They were fun single player games, more so with a friend in co-op; had a great multiplayer portion where you could not only design your own maps with the game's tools but script security camera's, AI, etc. to design your own levels; had a Challenge mode which brought even more fun; tons of unlockable characters; etc. The series really hit its stride with Future Perfect, the third game, as its single player played a more important role with a proper plot and cutscenes that combined well with the humour they'd established for a hilarious game. It also featured the most diverse amount of levels in the series with their own companions that you befriend; the level design itself, too, was some of the best I've seen in any FPS, now that I think about it. I think even depending on what difficulty you chose - which would unlock new characters - there were new sets of objectives, which was pretty cool. They also happened to place even more emphasis on the game's Challenge mode (which was tough as hell) and already fantastic multiplayer. Been waiting for a fourth game forever. If I'm let down then kill me. :3

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What is all the fuss about the TS? Never played it as I always was a PC kid.