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New Studio Working on New Afro Samurai Game

By drcoolio34528-06-2014

Brand new developer, Redacted Studios, and independent gaming supporting website Versus Evil, have been working together to continue the legend of Afro Samurai video games. If you're a fan of anime, you may have already heard about Afro Samurai, the ultra bloody, ultra cel shaded, ultra over the top samurai action gorefest of a character action game.

It was just announced and nobody knows what exactly to expect out of the game, but this is what the good people over at Versus Evil have told us:

"The Afro Samurai sequel is in development at Redacted Studios for next gen consoles and PC. This upcoming third person action adventure includes an original storyline, new playable characters, and improved special moves and combos"

Those "new playable characters" will be characters that were unplayable in the original game, and spearheading the cast will be Kuma (meaning "bear" in Japanese), a samurai who protects the ultimate warrior of the land and wears the head of a giant stuffed bear as a helmet. Your opinion of a teddy bear headed samurai aside, it's said that he will play a major role in the upcoming game, maybe even as a co-op buddy in the games new co-op mode feature.

Bandai Namco published the first Afro Samurai game on PS3 and Xbox 360 only, meaning that the sequel will be the first time that PC gamers can get a taste of what this series has to offer. More details about the game are expected to be released "over the coming months" according to Versus Evil, so keep an eye out and we'll be sure to follow up here on our end.

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