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New SR IV Trailer Turns Dramatic

By breadbitten06-06-2013

Volition just released a new trailer for their upcoming over-the-top gonzofest Saints Row IV and showcases the game's newer cast members, which now also includes...KEITH DAVID! The trailer also gives us a brief look into the game's central plot of an alien-made digitized, morphed version of the city of Steelport which the player character will most likely have to try and escape from. Volition also recently announced the 'Super Dangerous Wub Wub' collector's edition for the game which includes a replica of the upcoming game's much publicized 'Dubstep Gun' weapon and other knick knacks.

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Definately interested in this, love open world games with whacky stuff goes on and plenty of things to do =P.

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And two Shaundies :P

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