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New Smite Update And The Third Lotus Prince

By NeonAnderson19-04-2013

First of all Ne Zha is indeed a guy (I know, shocking right!) and is portrayed in-game not too differently from the Buddhist mythology. Within the mythology, there is quite the rivalry between Ao Kuan and Ne Zha. In Smite Ne Zha is played as a physical melee assassin and his abilities are as followed:

- Audacity (Passive): When Ne Zha dies, he is reborn for a short time, healing nearby allies, removing crowd control effects, and increasing protections. The amount healed depends on Ne Zha's maximum health when he died. His passive also has a secondary effect, after three successful basic attacks his fourth basic attack hits all enemies in a short radius in front of him.

- Universe Ring Toss: Ne Zha throws the universe ring in a line, dealing damage and reducing protections while slowing enemies. Depending on the level of this skill it will also bounce a specific number between enemies applying damage, a slow effect and a protection debuff.

- Flaming Spear: Ne Zha activates his flaming spear, increasing his attack speed and critical hit chance.

- Armillary Sash: Ne Zha throws out his armillary sash. If this hits an enemy God, Ne Zha will pull himself towards the God and stun him on arrival. When arriving at the enemy hit God, Ne Zha will also perform an AOE damage effect around the target.

- Wind Fire Wheels (Ultimate): Ne Zha dashes forward, if he hits an enemy God he will knock him up unto the air while unleashing a deadly combo that damages all nearby enemies upon landing. The effect of this combo can be increased by clicking on the QTE prompts, each successful QTE will increase his crit chance on the next combo hit.

Besides Ne Zha, a new skin has also been released for Neith, coined Naughty Nurse Neith. Which has been completely designed from the ground up and features unique in-game ability and attack effects. It retains the original voice pack though and costs 400 Gems.

The Cacaodemon Ymir skin has also been officially released, this free skin can only be obtained during the Open Beta by successfully reaching level 30 before the game launches sometime in Summer of 2013. If you are already level 30, simply play a casual or ranked match and upon completion of that match you will be given the Cacaodemon Ymir skin, neat!

The skin mayhem does not end there though! The Blood Eagle Thor skin has also been released and can be obtained through 300 Gems or by reaching level 50 in Tribes: Ascend. Those who have purchase the GOTY Edition of Tribes: Ascend will also receive this skin for free.

Also a new map and mode has been released, coined Assault, it will be recognised by experienced MOBA players as ARAM (All Random). In addition to this new feature, Smite has received full Twitch streaming integration. This allows players to stream their matches directly from Smite without installing additional software. It also gives players access to the Twitch chat on their stream without having to tab out of the game. In conjunction with this streaming support, Smite will feature a variety of rewards for specific minutes of Streaming. After 250 minutes of streaming you will be given 250 Favor and after 5000 minutes you will be given the Twitch Ymir skin.

That rounds up the highlights of this patch, as always if you'd like to join the awesomeness that is Smite, click here to sign up for free!

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