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New Round of CoH2 Screens Released

By Mokman08-06-2013

After that brief, brief taste of the glorious sequel to Company of Heroes, I daresay I've been undergoing withdrawal. After all, rarely can a person take the loss of one of their most visceral and exciting experiences lightly - but worry not, my hunger has been since tided over by yet another round of screenshots released by Relic, showcasing even more features that the game has to offer.

Like night fighting? The glow of the red flames and the tracer rounds illuminate the ruined city nicely, giving it a desperate vibe. It seems that the troops also don't bunch up nearly as much as they did before, perhaps an unconscious decision taking into account how much more lethal the mortars are now in the game.

Also - Flamethrowers. Need I say more? Check out the rest of the screenshots below.

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That...is a hell of a lot of screens

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Thats a lot of screens...