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New Rainbow Six Siege Trailer gets a bit Shakespearean

By WskOsc30-11-2015

You'd think something like Rainbow Six Siege would have absolutely nothing to do with Shakespeare and his plays but Ubisoft evidently thinks that's something that needs remedying. In case you haven't watched it yet, the above trailer features lots of in-game shots of large men with guns doing things like breaching walls, using ballistic shields and rappelling through an exploding window. From what we know about the game there's a lot of the game's features on display in the trailer.

What really sets this one apart, firmly cementing it in the trailer hall of fame is the excellent reading of Act 3, Scene 1 of Shakespeare's historical play Henry V. For those nor familiar with the speech from the trailer, it's spoken by the titular Henry V at the Siege Of Harfleur, in which his army is attacking the French port town. Meant as a rousing call for bravery in battle and one of Shakespeare's most famous speeches, it's rather fitting for the dim Siege trailer. Our kudos to the speaker, who gives the role of Henry as much, if not more emotion than The Shakespeare Company ever have.

Siege is due out tomorrow, will cost £49.99 and is available on Steam.

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