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New MechWarrior Mech Shown: Kintaro

By Mokman26-08-2013

Well, offensive as this is towards the asian cultures of which I am a part of, I have to say I am still excited. I mean, seriously, we don't speak like that. Nor do we traipse around muttering about honour and dying gloriously. But then - we don't run about in awesome looking mechs stomping on people and blowing them up. Especially not mechs as awesome-looking as this one - the Kintaro.

A new Medium-class mech just released, the Kintaro looks incredibly cool and is based around energy and missile weapons, which means it's time to load up the PPCs and SRMs once again. It seems to be a short-to-mid range brawler, with possible uses in long range if designed that way. Anyway, it looks like a definite buy - what do you think?

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