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New 'Marksmen' DLC and Big Free Update for Arma 3 Out Now!

By MrJenssen09-04-2015

A couple of days ago, I played some Arma 3 multiplayer with some friends for the first time in quite a while. Though the game is great, I found there were several things worth complaining about. My biggest gripe is how the recoil in the game makes no sense. Believe it or not, it's much harder to fire a weapon and hit your target in Arma 3 than it is in real life. How that makes any sense to the developers, is beyond me. Another - arguably way smaller - moment of irritation was the fact that you still can't deploy your bipod or rest your weapon on surfaces like window frames. Or, you couldn't do that. Because now you can!

You see, an enormous 1.4GB patch just hit, which changes and adds a whole lot of things. Including my two aforementioned gripes. The bipods that some machine guns used to carry just for show, can now actually be deployed. And even without a bipod, you can now rest your weapons on those damn window frames, FINALLY. That pesky recoil has also been reworked, and an "End Game Multiplayer" mode has been added. There's a whole buttload of other stuff added and changed, so take a look at the full changelist if you want to know everything. And check out the trailer embedded above to see some visualization, in case reading the changelog is too dry for your taste.

If you do read the changelog, you'll notice that some weapons have also been added, with some asterisks attached. That's because they're only available through the new, paid 'Marksmen' DLC. It comes with seven medium- and high-power rifles, some scopes, ghillie suits and other gadgets suited for would-be elite couch-snipers.

Priced at $15, it could be considered steep, and I see some people in the Steam forums already calling Bohemia out on this. 15 bucks for seven weapons? But, if you consider the fact that Arma 3 has full mod support - and a whole arsenal of community-made weapons are flooding the game's Steam Workshop pages - I think it's pretty fair to say that you're not really paying for seven weapons, you're supporting the developers of a game that'll easily give you hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay, without any two of those hours feeling samey. Well, unless you somehow got the idea that the military isn't about 90% running around and waiting for action, and a realistic simulation of the military life having to account for this too.

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