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New Kickstarter Pulsar: Lost Colony

By acharris7702-10-2013

Leafy Games have created a Kickstarter project. Pulsar: Lost Colony  is a co-operative starship simulator, which takes you and a crew on a mission to the stars. Well more accurately, to the furthest corners of the universe to find the lost colony. The game will feature a procedural galaxy generator, which means every journey will be a unique gameplay experience for you and your fellow adventurers.

Five classes have been planned and these are, The Captain, The Pilot, The Scientist, The Weapon Specialist, and The Engineer. Also below is some key features:

• Infinite replayability. Every journey begins in a different galaxy, procedurally generated, so no two galaxies will ever be the same.

• 12+ awesome starships across 5 diverse playable factions to support a vast range of play styles.

• A robust singleplayer adventure with AI that learns with you, all the way from the Academy to the Stars.

• Journey down to the surface of the planets you find. You'll never know what to expect!

The game will accommodate up to five players online, but it is also playable in single player with AI bots as the crew. The game is set for release summer 2014, and will support a gamepad and the Oculus Rift. So let us know below if you are interest in this game, and if you will be backing this game.

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Also, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webinar/expansion-capital-ships-crews-in-epic-space-online, for anyone who enjoyed FTL, EVE, and/or Escape Velocity.

Posts: 120

Got the 5 pack! Now I need a crew...

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FTL is close to being the most played game on my steam library so...

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Ok now, this sounds and looks very intriguing to me.

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Must...must resist...