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New Japanese War Machine in War Thunder

By JcDent01-04-2014

If you want to zoom around in a fighter plane or roll around in a tank, you turn to War Thunder. It even has realism settings that range from “Crimson Skies” to “I Have Actual Experience in Flying WWII Fighters”. So there's no surprise that the tireless Russian developers labored to introduce one of the lesser known Japanese war machines.

Deployed in Burma in 1945, the Daikaidzu "Gaijilla" GD11a was and impressive machine. Never the less, it didn't manage to turn the tide and the Burmese National Army, aided by the Allies, was eventually victorious. The GD11a still left an impression on the locals, who took to calling it “the giant monster”.

This prototype is slower and less maneuverable than most of the regular Japanese vehicles, but it's peerless in regards to ammunition and durability. To try it out, you will need to download the dev launcher.

Gotta say, this is the most impressive historical videogame project about obscure weapons since Necrovision!

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The best is still the World of Tanks April fools joke, as they actually implemented it into the game and you can physically play it, even still today. Probably will remain in for a week before they remove the April fools gamemode and vehicle.