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New IL2: Sturmovik Game

By Mokman11-12-2012

Russian publisher 1C is working with 777 studios, the creator of the WW1 flight-sim Rise of Flight, in order to create the newest IL2: Sturmovik game, The Battle for Stalingrad. They will form 1C Studios, and have announced the eventual release of the next game in the well-acclaimed IL2: Sturmovik series.

IL2: Sturmovik is a series based on semi-realistic WW2 flight-sims, where players take part in a variety of missions ranging from dog-fights to bombing runs. It is well known for interesting and exciting gameplay while retaining a certain level of realism. 1C Studios state that the Battle for Stalingrad was chosen for the next instalment as it was "an important turning point for both the Soviet and German armies in WW2, with the air war playing an important role in the outcome". They promise "brand new gameplay modes" as well as the streamlining of the flight simulation for new players in the genre.

Seeing as both studios have so far succeeded in creating excellent games, we do not see any reason why this next instalment in the series would fail. Further details will be provided as new announcements are made by the studio.

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