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New HotS Trailer Contains...Spoilers?

By StuntmanLT27-02-2013

With the release of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm creeping up Blizzard were kind enough to release their newest trailer dubbed 'Vengeance'. The trailer has a lot of elements from previously seen awesome HotS intro cinematic and some new snippets that are kind of story heavy. This might all happen in the beginning and Blizzard have an unforeseen story twist (or twists) planed out for us, StarCraft 2 surely did have some, but it seems a hell of a lot of big characters being were killed off or presumed dead in those 2 minutes of goodness. Strangely that doesn't include Mingsk and seems to include Rainor...yeah. Go look at the trailer yourselves (if you aren't afraid to be spoiled) and tell me if I should check my eyes and ears.


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