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New Holmes Game Much Darker

By Bobfish01-04-2013

In a truly disturbing turns of events, Focus Interactive have taken some mind boggling liberties with the Sherlock Holmes source material to bring us this. Straight out of our worst nightmares. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He WILL find you! Taking pointers from the faceless wonder himself. The master of stealth, the lurker in the darkness, the chill down the back of your spine. Yes, that's right, the infamous Professor Moriarty is, doubtless, at the core of this dark conundrum. Are you brave enough to solve the case...of the return of creepy Watson?

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Posts: 1317

HAHA that scare at 0:45 was amazing. Didn't see that coming.

Posts: 241

Hahahaha, I love how the devs did this :) Scarier than Slender that's for sure.

Posts: 3290

Gives me chills just thinking about it :S