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New HITMAN Trailer Released With Some Details

By zethalee04-02-2016

Coming off the heels that the next installment in the Hitman series is going to be episodic in nature, many long-time fans of the series had questions about the viability of such a tactic. While Square Enix is teasing some details about the next entry, they are releasing quite the impressive trailer, as is par for the Hitman series. It tells precious little, but does provide a unique angle into the in-game fiction about how the assassination and events across all of the Hitman games are represented.

What we do know about the episodic Hitman series is that the first episode will release on March 11th for all platforms. By pre-ordering, you can, of course, get access to the beta, which runs on the 12th to the 14th of February for PS4, and the 19th to the 21st for PC. There's a smattering of exclusive missions for the PS4 that people can get for pre-ordering, though everyone gets a set of digital items for pre-ordering. Such a business model may not bode well for the future of the Hitman series, but it still is on offer.

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