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New Frontiers in EVE

By MatthewJMimnaugh20-11-2013

Earlier last week we reported on EVE Rubicon, it what seemed to be a routine MMO expansion for CCP's EVE.  This instalment has a number of interesting elements that will innovate and shatter the norm (as all good expansions should), but Rubicon made news again today for a different, and more interesting, reason.

According to CCP, this is one in a chain of expansions designed to preface and lay foundation work for, well, a "true" expansion.  They are using the aforementioned "ghost sites" as the base for rolling out unexplored sectors, the basic equivalent of programming an in game gold rush, territory being as important as it is.   One thing about CCP, is they enjoy a healthy dose of player controlled chaos; the horror stories of EVE and in game corporate espionage are better than most Hollywood scripts.  Whatever the case, this is still a long ways off—a couple more expansions, at least—so potential player's might want to get started now.  Eve Online is available for free download and free to play for 14 days.  After that, pricing starts $9.99 a month, lessening each month bundled.  Good flying, commanders!


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