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New Factionary Annihilation

By Mokman21-12-2013

Finally! After our recent preview on Planetary Annihilation and the lore drops that Uber Entertainment have so generously provided, we've been hungering for more information regarding this hotly-awaited RTS. After all, if Supreme Commander were anything to go by, there should be a relatively good story hidden under all those exploding robots and crashing planets - and what adds to a story more than the addition of factions? Nothing, that's what.

Out of the four known factions, two have been revealed, and a third one has just been announced - this time it's going to be a faction that pursues 'a perfect society for robots'. Snow Crash/ Asimov inspired? We shall see - that's also dependent on what the Backers poll for the faction's name, leader and it's symbol. Till then, head on over to the site for an excellent piece of fiction written by their resident writer, as well as updates on how the naming is going so far.

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