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New EVE Online Comic Will Tell Player Stories

By acharris7717-10-2013

It would appear that these days, a lot more games are having comic book spin offs. Dark Horse Comics, have decided to create a new comic, which will tell stories about what happens in the online world. EVE: True Stories is a new four-part series based on what happens inside the world of EVE Online. The first part will tell the story of the Band of Brothers 2009, which was one of EVE's notorious alliances.

Daniel Way, the author of Wolverine: Origins, is writing the series and the first issue is set to go on release February 19th 2014. The three following parts will be released through to April 2014, with a hardback version coming out on 4th June 2014.

CCP is attempting to gather and tell the stories of EVE: Online, which actually started earlier this year via a web site of same name. A television series been announced as well about the game. I hope that the comic series will be successful, as normally game tie-in to comic books, like games to film tie-ins, do not normally work. As always, let us know your thoughts below.

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