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New Epic Title Coming?

By Toast06-07-2013

According to a job posting Epic Games could be coming out with a new title in the near future. The job, Senior Systems Designer, will have the person working on Fortnite and another unannounced game. The mystery game will be a "competitive online action game that includes player progression, heavy itemization, and a dynamic economy". Sounds like your generic MMORPG to me. The only thing it might be is an online Unreal Tournament/Championship game. But then again we could see a Gears of War MMO.

What say ye dear reader?


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Posts: 351

I like GoW so I am interested to see what they do next.

Posts: 1548

Hey Epic, I'm still waiting for GoW on Steam!

Posts: 1317

Gears are fun games in COOP. But then again, everything is fun in COOP. Poking dog poo is fun in COOP. Still, Epic have a tendency to make rather nicely polished and fluid games. If a new Epic-game were to hit the PC, I wouldn't mind that at all.

Posts: 3290

I'm a bit meh about Gears. But an online, persistent battle arena type game would actually work pretty darned well for that series