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New Elder Scrolls Online Screens Surface

By Leigh Cobb24-10-2012

Feast your eyes on some screenshots for the unfortunately upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, this is a game that is happening people. In it we can see snowy mountains, Argonian Warriors, the city of Mournhold, Dreamer Ruins and more.

All the screens have this weird vibe where it looks like someone has taken the Elder Scrolls aesthetic and put it over your standard MMO. I mean, it looks nice graphically speaking, but it's not the Elder Scrolls. And of course it conforms to that odd requirement in MMOs where the environments have to be stretched beyond realistic proportions in order to fit in all the players. Just look at the shot with the bridge.

I can't say I'm excited for this game. Thank god the team developing this is separate from Bethesda's team developing the single player titles. This will probably do as well as The Old Republic did, which is not well at all and we can all put it to the back of our minds. If you want an MMO, go play World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2. If you want the Elder Scrolls, go play the Elder Scrolls!

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Posts: 237

Its going to be an MMO, and a "traditional" at that (whatever that means). So i will give it a no.

Posts: 233

To be honest, I would love to play Skyrim as a Coop. However, that does not mean I want a fully fledged MMO.