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New Dev Diary Calls to Arms for Modders of the Realm

By MrJenssen07-01-2014

Skywind is the ambitious project taken on by a group of modders to recreate the world of Morrowind in TES 5's graphics engine. As always with such big projects, I personally tend to get a little skeptical. Oftentimes, the mods are announced, only to end up as vaporware a few months or even years down the line. Things that eventually fade into obscurity and non-existence. The Half-Life 2 mod Black Mesa barely made it out alive, and it took years before it even saw the light of day in its current unfinished state. Taking on a project like porting the entire world and every quest of Morrowind to a new engine on volunteer work, is no small task indeed.

Even more frightening is the fact that this is no mere 1:1 port. Morrowind had no proper voicework, something the new mod seeks to remedy, along with a rehabilitation of the landscapes of the world in an attempt to make it feel less barren (let's hope, apart from the places that are meant to feel barren).

However, if you check out the dev diary up above, you might get as comfortable a feeling as I did, as it seems the modders are indeed sincere in their endeavours. Already they have dozens of volunteers helping out in various ways, but they could always use more. Following their guide to tasks needing done, you can now help take part in the ambitious project, helping voice, model, script, code and design the re-envisioned world of Morrowind. So, do you have a studio microphone lying around? Perhaps some design experience from your teenage years? Or maybe you just want to help spread the word. Either way, the call to arms is hereby, uh, called! Let's see this mod come to fruition!

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