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New Demo For Kerbal Space Program

By Mokman14-02-2013

Interested in being a rocket scientist? Introducing Kerbal Space Program, a fun but surprisingly complex simulator where one gets to be both rocket scientist and astronaut. Currently still in beta, it has recently released a new demo! enticing those who plan to join, giving them a taste of what is to come. As one who has already bought the game and has spent many an hour building rockets in it and flinging astronauts to their cold, solitary deaths, I heartily recommend all who are even slightly interested to give it a shot.

It's an interesting take on space programs and player-generated content, bringing to mind a more complex and interesting version of Spore perhaps, except with proper science behind it for those who would be fascinated by that sort of thing. Or perhaps you simply enjoy watching the horrified expressions on your astronaut’s faces as you plot them on a course directly to the sun. Whichever way, give it a shot. I have. At least 400 times, if the remnants of my space rockets and broken bodies of my alien astronauts are any evidence.

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Hope I can find some time to send these bugger to outer space :P