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New Dawn for Dawn of War?

By Mokman23-04-2013

Let me just say that this is probably the single most happy piece of news I've written about this whole year. Relief is literally washing through me as I read the statement recently released by Relic:

There is “a strong possibility we’ll all be working together again on Dawn of War.”

Quoted from Quinn Duffy who was speaking to Eurogamer, this statement tells us that despite the total upheaval that's been going on in Relic recently, what with the tragic demise of THQ and all, Dawn of War 3 is possibly still a go. I really hope it is, I daresay it ranks amongst the top games for any and every Warhammer 40k fanboy and fangirl.

The recent Company of Heroes 2 Beta has shown us that Relic still has the spark. It's been two years Relic. Please, please let it be good.

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THQ is dead.

Long live THQ