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New CoH2 Screens

By JcDent22-12-2012

Apparently, that's news these days. Containing 40% snow, these screenshots show off battles that someone might call massive. Me? I've played enough CoH 1 mod not to be impressed. I'm also not sure about the historical accuracy of the German tanks destroyers in the snowiest screen. Were they fielded in Russia and these numbers? The tracked artillery does look cool, though, yet the soviets are a bit too bright green for my liking. What are your two cents on this, our faithful readers? Chime the fuck in!

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Well, my probably favorite one is Blitzkrieg - it's a bit on the hardcore side, but a very tight one at that.

For Soviet goodness, try Eastern Front!

For Soviet goodness married to batshit lunacy and hardcorest of the hardcore-ity, try Normandy 1944. Massive battles and tanks that pin your infantry from two screens away ensue.

Europe at War has the shittiest installer (it wants to tell you about the mod, despite the fact that you are already installing it), but it has a lot of game modes as well as Afrika (desert rats vs. afrika korps. No americans)

Modern Warfare is the only original mod since it gives you the modern militaries of the US and China to play with.

Battle of the Bulge is made around the Battle of Bulge (duh), so it's only americans and vermacht, but it's fun anyway.

These are what I recommend

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What CoH mods do you recommend? Carentan has me mentally scared (in a good way!).

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@xender from what I've had pleasure to play (Eurogamer Expo) it was a genuine coh game. So if you were happy with the first one it shouldn't be any worse.

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Looks nice and it better be nice or else..i'll cry.

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JC, your cynicism is adorable :P