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New Alpha Release for Starship Corporation

By Azeebo06-01-2014

Starship Corporation is a sci-fi ship construction/management game that has been in the works since late 2012. It was an ambitious project aimed at a genre long thought dead, however a successful Indiegogo campaign proved us all wrong.

About a month later, the initial Alpha build for ship creation was released, and as time went by more and more improvements were made. However the project went mostly silent around the middle of 2013, with no updates to the Alpha, although it did get into the Steam Greenlight. Six months later and we finally get Alpha 0.1.9, which by the looks of it, adds a bunch of new and improved features.

The new Alpha finally adds a Tutorial, which replaces the outdated videos of yesteryear, new missions, new rooms and more. There are a number of overall improvements to help streamline the game itself making it more accessible, and overall, it all looks very promising.

For more on Starship Corporation, check out our Interview with Game Developer Dave Murrent.

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