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Neverwinter Lives

By Mokman22-06-2013

It is a statement I once imagined would have to have been said in the midst of a stormy night, with lightning flashing and uttered by a crazed blood-splattered madman with eclectic tastes in domestic help. And yet, here it is, with only the normal amount of fanfare but a definite amount of excitement, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have unveiled a launch trailer, a bunch of new screenshots, and more importantly, a whole new world - but yet one that is inevitably familiar.

Having already done a preview on the closed beta, it is then to my utmost joy that I may once again jump back into the mad world set within the Forgotten Realms universe made famous by Dungeons and Dragons, and geek out to my heart's content. To quote Craig Zinkievich, Cryptic Studios COO:

"Our game combines the rich setting of Neverwinter with intense action combat and engaging content. With the Foundry, our user-generated content tool, players can also create an endless amount of imaginative quests and campaigns. The exciting part is that we've only just begun and already our 1.5 million players, and those millions of new gamers we expect from this launch, can look forward to our first free expansion module, Fury of the Feywild, in the near future. It's been a long journey, but now the adventure can really begin."

Today also marks the official launch of Gauntlgrym, and the alchemy profession, both of which can be examined with our previous coverage of Neverwinter. But for those can no longer wait, head on over to the site and begin playing now for free!

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MMOs are an acquired taste I think. Personally, I quite enjoy them, up to a point. I tend to find I'll get really into one for a while, maybe a few months, then take a break for much, much longer

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I played this game awhile ago, its an MMO, and kinda boring.

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I would go and play it right away, but my mind yells at me to know better, that such a game can not be 100% free and that I will quickly regret picking it up -.- Anyone knows where the catch is here?