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Neverwinter Expands its Horizons

By CameronW23-11-2013

It feels like Neverwinter has been moving a million miles a minute since it entered its open beta testing phase in April. 7 months later and we're already looking down the barrel of the games second free expansion slated for release on December 5th, Shadowmantle. Naturally this sort of content development seems like it's too good to be true, who can release two expansions within 5 months of a games release? While it is true that Neverwinter's expansions might not be as massive and far reaching as World of Warcraft's for example, they're still not meaningless little bits of content.

Shadowmantle introduces a new campaign that brings a new zone (The Dread Ring) into the mix, as well as a whole new class (Hunter Ranger) for people to play as well as new Paragon paths for all of the other classes and new systems like Artefacts and Collections, sounds fancy right? Throw this crazy amount of content support in with the entertaining combat system and the custom content creation tool and Neverwinter never ends, we can just keep playing forever and ever and ever.

"We're incredibly excited to share the release date of Shadowmantle - our second free expansion", said Cryptic Studios Executive Producer and COO, Craig Zinkievich. "With Neverwinter, our plan has always been to release massive regular updates that provide new unique online experiences with exciting new content for players to explore."

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