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Nether Gets Dirt Bikes, Tribes, and Escort Missions (also hats)

By CameronW23-01-2014

If Battlefield has taught me anything it's that the addition of dirt-bikes to your game can only improve it. Unfortunately my latest PC releases have been sadly devoid of the high pitched two wheeled machines as of late, but Nether is here to save the day! Along with sweet dirt bike action, Nether is getting a group system called "Tribes" that seem to be some sort of mix between a standard clan system and groups like in an MMO, showing you your group-mates on the map, and allowing for private chat.

For the people that need something to do with their new group buddies and dirt-bikes, there's a new objective being added called "Escort Mission" that involves you losing access to your weapons while you carry a large beacon to a shopkeeper without getting murdered by the Nethers that the beacon spawns. Of course none of this matters if you look like a goof, right? You'll need some more hats to fix that.

New hats include:

· Russian Hat

· Motocross Helmet

· Ski mask (balaclava)

· Baseball cap

· Face Bandana

· Half Mask

· Spray Mask

Who doesn't like buying hats?

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