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Nelo, the Indie Unreal Engine 4 Game

By JcDent06-05-2014

First, let‘s paste Nelo‘s description here:

In Distant Space, An alien species, the Tono Gian, have been fighting their own A.I. creations to find resourceful planets. The A.I. project, Nightsithe, was originally designed to harvest other planets for their people but now have revolted against their masters. A Tono Gian ship crashed on the planet, Plemniba, a planet that once had a civilization, but has already taken by the Nightsithe.

This is so anime, I‘m already seeing things 2D. The creators, however, aren‘t. About a month ago, they switched the game engine to Unreal Engine 4. And already we‘re seeing running, bullethell action.

The merging of UE4 with indie gaming scenes means that we can expect many shitty indie games to look better in the future. Of course, that would only marginally increase their scores, because bad games are bad no matter how pretty they are, but still. This might be momentous for all the good devs out there.

I‘m hoping for a Blacklight: Retribution sequel.


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