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Necrophages Revealed For Endless Legend

By JcDent18-04-2014

Endless Legend, the 4X fantasy-ish game set in the universe of Endless Space, has already introduced three races: The Human Vaulters, the elftastic Wild Walkers and haunted vampire armor suits The Broken Lords.

Today, prepare for the fourth race: Zergs! Or Tyranids! Or Space Wasps! But on Auriga, they‘re called Necrophages.

Like most traditional bugs in RTS games, Necrophages exist to eat and breed, adding killing to the list to pass time. The individual is nothing: wave upon wave of Necrophage troops can eventually overwhelm any defense.

And when the corpses have been stacked high, they lay eggs in them and from the dead enemies new Necrophages arise. Sometimes, they even absorb some of the DNA of the fallen, rising up somewhat different.

Oh, and according to the video, they are lead by an individual who most likely consumed an Endless and gained his sentience. That is a very good thing. Bug swarms are usually extremely boring since they have no characters – just look at the Tyranid campaign in Dawn of War 2 and Tyranids in general.

You can also expect that, much like hivers, they won‘t be able to do diplomacy with others. Being a genocidal omnivore tends to have this discouraging effect on people. And in the mean time, I can‘t wait for the other reveals.

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