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Natural Romance In Dragon Age Inquisition?

By JcDent03-09-2013

Dragon Age Inquisition. I think we wrote something about it before. Anyways, this small indie (as in a mulitimillion sequel to one of the most lucrative AAA RPG series in the west) game is invariably going to have romance. But, as the producer Cameron Lee told PCGN, this time, they're natural.

In previous games, romance was like this: you buy a present, match it with a team member, get a number showing how hard they love you now. Take them to some special events and get more love. Enough points mean awkward CGI sexy time with underwear on.

And while the last part is unlikely to change, Lee is talking about how fluid looove is going to be in Inquisition. And by talking I mean telling us that it's going to be fluid. Hooray, I guess?

A real issue here might be shitty writing... in gays. BioWare and their token female staff pushed the gay romance angle in Mass Effect 3 and this drew flak before the came out. After it did come out... some gay people weren't happy because the writing to their romances was did like for heterosexual couples, but with changing the character model of one person.

I wonder how they'll get around that pickle, especially since gay options were so hamfisted in Dragon Age 2... and hetero Hawke changed two female partners without anyone noticing or saying anything about it.

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It's a BioWare game. You know what to expect by now

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Oh no...not this again...=P