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Narco Terror Launches Out Of The Blue

By MrJenssen01-08-2013

Narco Terror. Sounds kind of like those budget Call of Duty knock-offs from the mid-2000s, doesn't it? Well, it's nothing like that. Shame on you for thinking it!

Narco Terror is a top-down arcade-shooter whose goal seems to be a throwback to the arcade-shooters from the 80s and early 90s. If you played games on the Atari systems, NES or Amiga, you've likely come across a few of them.

Though such throwback-games aren't anything entirely new these days, even in this genre, something a lot of these games tend to lack is having cooperative play. The devs behind Narco Terror obviously knows this, because full drop-in/drop-out online and offline co-op is supported.

Narco Terror is already available - sold at a nice low price - and whispers in the wind talk of a playable demo, though that may seem to only be for the XBLA version, I've yet to find any demo for Narco Terror on the PC.

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Posts: 3290

For me, this is one of those my sensibilities and interests make me go 'meh' at...but I'd still pump hundreds of hours into it if I had the chance

Posts: 1317

Nyeah, but Deep Silver gave Road To Hell: Retribution a green light for release too...

Posts: 1548

It doesn't look too bad actually. I'm quite interested.

Posts: 351

This looks like some games I played as a young man, I really do not think this interest me now though.