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Namco Social Eh?

By Bobfish11-04-2013

Say hello to Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc. Adding to the increasingly robust roster of video game development studios in British Columbia some time in June. No specific date as yet, but the announcement has come from the Vancouver Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training rather than Bandai themselves, so that's to be expected. Details are sketchy for the time being, but it seems the new studio will be geared towards working on mobile social media games.

Yes, I know, I can hear the groaning from all the way over here, but the fact is, like it or lump, mobile and social media gaming is here to stay. Plus, this is Bandai guys, Namco Bandai! And they've been busy. With even less details (not even a name as yet) there will be another opening in June, a studio in Singapore. Probably Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Inc., though what they will be doing...MMO's perhaps? Leave your predictions below.


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