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By Bobfish05-04-2013

Another World is, finally, available on Steam for the PC and Mac. Ported from the 20th anniversary edition that made its way to mobile devices everywhere two years ago. Fun fact, I have a boxed copy of the game on the SEGA Mega Drive sitting on my shelf at this very moment, and still break it out to replay at least once a year. Now everyone else has the opportunity to do the same. On the PC. Standing at a £7.99/$10 price tag may seem steep for such an old game, but considering its length, which will still clock in at a good four hours at least, and the improved visuals which are still incredibly impressive to begin with, just a few minutes of play time will show you exactly why it's worth every penny.

P.S: I have no idea if that's what the alien actually says, but that's sure what it sounded like to me, so 'arushkina.'

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I HAVE to Let's Play this now