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MWO Still Going Strong, New Update Just Arrived

By Mokman10-05-2013

To those MechWarrior Online fans afraid that the love for the game by its creators is dying down, just like all the MechWarrior offering before this, worry not - it seems that Piranha Games is not letting go of its darling baby to fend for itself just yet. A new update has just arrived, adding in new maps and more importantly, a new scout mech known as the Misery.

You can read more about the update here, but the gist of it is simple, there are new Mechs of the Mont for people to salivate over as they log in, checking their wallets futilely to see if any cash has magically appeared in them allowing them to make the purchases. More patterns, new cockpit items and ... UAVs? Interesting new addition - these little drones will zoom up into the air and spot enemy Mechs for your team. Interesting. They also counter countermeasures, thus allowing you to pelt foes with rockets to your heart's content. Looks like a must have for the Catapults.

There is also a new map, Canyon Network, and a whole bunch of bug fixes that may be read in the link above. Enjoy, MechWarriors!

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