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MW: Tactics Showing Its Tactics

By Mokman01-06-2013

Roadhouse Interactive's turn-based MechWarrior offering, MechWarrior: Tactics, has had fans of the universe slavering at the prospects of finally getting their hands on the games for nearly a year - not helped by the tantalizing closed beta seemingly just out of reach. Although it would be eventually free-to-play, it has not yet been released as it is in the closed-beta phase of development. And in order to keep the horde of starving fans at bay, Roadhouse has released a new video showcasing various aspects of the game, such as mech loadouts, the gameplay and even the economy of the game.

The first thing that strikes players who have dabbled in Infinite Game Publishing's other flagship MechWarrior game - MechWarrior: Online, is that Tactics has a very distinctly different art style, more closely following that of the tabletop game. It seems that customization runs deeper, with more thought put into the various options, as is befitting a turn-based tactical game.

Hosted by No Guts No Galaxy Podcaster Phil Lagenberg and IGP community manager Niko Snow, the video gives a relatively comprehensive look into the upcoming game. Go watch it - and then go consider if you can really afford joining the game's Founder program to immediately get access to it. Trust me, it's quite a hard decision to make.

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