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Mutations, Alive And Well In Rocket League

By ElderCub10-11-2015

The free content update for Rocket League is now live featuring the widely requested game type mutations, sets of rules that can be customized for local or private games. Each mutator has several options, that can either make or completely break the game. The list of mutators includes the following: Match Length, Max Score, Game Speed, Ball Max Speed, Ball Type, Ball Weight, Ball Size, Ball Bounciness, Boost Amount, Boost Strength, Gravity, Demolish, and Respawn Time. And thanks to a little glitch in the menu, we can see that Gravity and Ball Shape will have more options later on. We already know about the Puck shape that’s coming later on in December along with the icy arena, but what we haven’t heard of yet is the Inverted and Zero Gravity options. For public games Psyonix has also added the Mutator Playlist, a group of preset game types for pure unranked fun. I myself have already played a little bit of it and quite enjoyed it. Not only was it fun, but it was actually a bit of a social experience. After every goal, people would chat and react to the craziness and chaos of it all. It was light hearted fun, and I think that’s good. Sometimes you just need to sit back and laugh at how the giant cube managed to bounce completely unpredictably into the net.

On November 3rd, Rocket League deveolpers held an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit to answer questions about the game and the coming mutations. Now that it’s concluded and the update is live, you may learn something new about the game or just get a little taste of what goes on in Psyonix’ mind. Beep Beep!

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