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Murder 101: Poltergeisting for Dummies

By BloodyFanGirl23-05-2014

Ahead of its June 6th release date, there's a new 101 style trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect. The 5 minute trailer shows new scenes and new gameplay footage from the new IP. We're also briefly walked through core gameplay mechanics. Check it out above.

In life Ronan O'Connor was a detective with a criminal past who was just starting to turn things around. In death he's still a detective and he must solve his own murder and save Salem from the tyranny of the Bell Killer. As a ghost, Ronan has a number of new abilities he did not have in life to help him. Firstly, he can pass through walls and go places blocked off from mortals. However his movement is limited by echoes of catastrophic events from the past that leave road blocks in the spirit realm. He's also got to worry about those pesky demons.

However, he can avoid them by possessing small animals like cats. Ronan can also possess the living to hear their thoughts and influence (though not totally control) their actions. He can also manipulate inanimate objects with his poltergeist abilities. Ronan is also not alone, accompanied in his quest to find his murderer by the spirits of the Bell Killer's other victims and by the mortal medium, Joy. But time is not on your side as the more time passes, the more likely it is there'll be another body and it's starting to look like the Bell Killer has their eye on Joy...

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