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Multiple Heroes

By JcDent13-12-2012

Company of Heroes is one of the best (if not the best) RTS games out there, so there is little surprise that we are eagerly awaiting its sequel - Company of Heroes 2. The game itself is far off and its fate is uncertain, while the closed Beta starts only after the New Year. Couple this with lack of in game footage that plagued the fans all year long, you might understand why fans were getting just a little nervous. Relic answered our prayers and we had gameplay footage and now we have a video of multiplayer in action (kind of).

While it shows little in the way of new MP modes, fans of the game can ogle at the new units and once again be assured that indeed, ice breaks when subjected to tanks and artillery.

Then again, minus the ice and updated visuals, there's nothing that new for those of us who moded the game and played the Eastern Front mod.

The others can have a butcher's at YouTube. All of you are more than welcome to share your opinions here, because unlike in YouTube, your comment will be read by sentient beings.

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