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Multiplayer Trailer has Footage we Haven't Seen Before

By JcDent17-09-2013

Battlefield 4 is your to-go game for infantry and vehicular warfare (other than Planetside 2). And we now have a multiplayer trailer! The best thing about it is new footage. I'm so tired of the Paracel map, I'm gonna say "I'm sick of this map" on my first playthrough. Luckily, we got some more footage from maps not featuring crashing destroyers. And there was some LevoUUUURGH... Sorry, vomited in my mouth a little. Levolution action. The most interesting part of it is a map you can flood and make it into an improvised Venice.

But the exiting thing was seeing some new toys. Some of the planes look unfamiliar, ATVs seem to be returning and customized Mobile AA looks nice. Although for some reason DICE used horrible camos on tanks and vehicles - I don't know who's stupid enough to ride in a pink and light blue MBT (except for the guys in the recent Russian tank biathlon). They're pushing the camo angle way too far, showing bells and whistles as main selling points instead of the more sensible "YOU CAN RIDE A TANK THROUGH A BUILDING" (although that too is mentioned).

The "player choice" rhetoric rears it's ugly head again (like it's the first game where we can choose which gun to put on a tank), but you can probably survive that.

Here's hoping it won't suck because I'd like to write a happy review for a change.

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I just did you a favor.

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It is BF3.5, but I can't say I'm not looking forward to it.
That being said if I heard Levelution one more time I'm canceling my pre-order.

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More like Battlefield 3 Redux...olution

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Oh look, Battlefield 3.5!

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So far BF4 looks like an improvement over BF3.

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Seen most of it before, in BF3.