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Multiplayer Origins

By NeonAnderson31-07-2013

The first view of Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer mode is now on YouTube, released by Splash Damage themselves, the multiplayer reveal trailer. While not much is shown, what it does show is exciting stuff.

It seems the multiplayer will features a 3vs3vs2 mode at the very least, other modes may or may not be shown at a later date. There will be two different teams of 3 villain players. The 3 players in each team will be working together to kill the other teams. Then in addition to this, there will be a team of 2 hero players that at the moment look like Batman and Robin who will obviously be taking on both villain teams. Each team will have their own unique characters and abilities.

All in all very promising stuff and hopefully the multiplayer will run well and have even more modes than this one mode shown so far. What I am hoping most for is that the campaign can be played in co-op, which would just be awesome! It was something that the developers of Arkham City wanted to deliver but simply could not in the window of which the game had to be finished by.


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Something is a bit off. Cant put my finger on it though.

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How so?

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Reading Eurogamer's preview did not help.

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This will be nasty. And messy. And bloody. And bloody nasty!