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Multikills Up The Yin-Yang

By MrJenssen04-08-2013

What happens when you shoot a zombie in the nutsack with a speeding bullet of lead? Pretty much exactly the same as when you hit a human in the nutsack with a speeding bullet of lead. Except the zombie will stand up again, ready for another round.

Join MrSark as he splits skulls, nuts, arms and pretty much every other zombie limb in this fascinating multikill compilation, recorded in Nazi Zombie Army. Starting off at three kills with a single bullet, how high do you think he can go?

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Posts: 3290

I called it, totally called it.

The number he'd reach I meran

Posts: 1317

When you get multikills, the X-ray is dropped for the most part.

Posts: 1548

What about the X-ray cam? :(

Posts: 3290

Right in the daddybags!