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Multi-City Play In SimCity

By SavageOcto12-12-2012

Ah, SimCity. A game I have many fond memories of. Building up a city, juggling my budget to expand, working with my neighboring cities, and course destroying everything with a variety of disasters.

In a series of videos, the team behind SimCity is showing off what you can do in the new game. The latest video shows how cities can interact with each other. The video shows the player creating a casino-city and is in need of power.

Instead of building his needs in his own city, he starts a new one dedicated to providing the power needed for the casinos in his first. He then had a friend take control of the new city. Both benefited from the electricity deal. One gets the power he needs. The other gets money to fund what they want to do in their city.

The new SimCity looks to be a great addition to the series. Its release on March 8th can't come soon enough.

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Oh nice. This looks to be a real step forward compared to the previous ones. But its still too expensive.