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Mouse & Keyboard Support by the End of the Week…Maybe

By MrJenssen17-10-2013

State of Decay has been available on Xbox Live Arcade for quite a while, but when it finally made its way to the PC, developer Undead Labs decided to come clean and state that the PC version was not yet ready for full release. As a result, they released the game under Steam's early access program. Part of the reason for this was bthat the game had no native support for mouse and keyboard use at that point.

Though some prefer playing these types of games with a controller, there are likely plenty of PC gamers that hold off on buying the game before it gets proper support for our beloved peripherals.

Finally, it seems Undead Labs are making some real progress. In a recent post on their forum, the developer have posted some screenshots illustrating the current state of the systems. As you will notice, it is not possible to rebind keys at this point, something many of the forum's members agree, is something that should be implemented as soon as possible. Upon being asked about when the full support will be out, community director Sanya Weathers had the following to say:

"We are hoping for [release by] the end of the week. If something goes to hell in testing, it'll get pushed to early next week. Knock wood for us."

Sounds pretty swell! I have played State of Decay for some time now, and though the menus and tooltips only list controller buttons at this point, using the mouse and keyboard has already been possible for several weeks. WASD for movement, Space to jump, CTRL to crouch, left mouse to attack... you get the deal. It's already quite playable, although the mouse sensitivity is a bit jiffy at this point in time. Just thought you should know, in case you haven't dared purchasing the game already.

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Posts: 341

Still terribly boring this game unless you love monotonous games like Diablo.

Posts: 1548

Seriously? This didn't have mouse support before?!