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Mortal Screenshots

By BloodyFanGirl17-06-2013

Remember 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot? The one that shunned PC in favour of home consoles? The one that's now coming to PC 2 years later? Well few screenshots for that have just been leaked.

The PC port will be released July 3rd and will feature a variety of game modes. These include the genre mainstays of a full length story mode, Tag Team fights and, of course, one vs. one fights. But in addition to these there's a Challenge Tower mode and King of the Hill mode. Players will also be able to unlock achievements and access leader boards. This port will also support the Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Fight Stick with full controller capability.

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Posts: 48

I've been wanting a decent MK game since MK3... miss those days I spent at the arcades playing MK2 against other players good times.

Posts: 3290

Eh. Looks alreight

Posts: 1317

Let's hope the port is respectable.

Posts: 1548

Yeeey, can brush off the dust from my controller!