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More Wub Wub for your Bucks!

By Toast05-09-2013

If you've been playing the latest Saints Row game you'll likely have experienced the beat and power of the Dubstep gun. If you're really into the dubstep gun and want to customise the gun further, Volition has a treat for you! You'll now be able to purchase the Dubstep Gun Remix Pack which includes more melodies for you to rock or chill out to. The pack includes Classical, Death Metal, Polka and Swing remixes! Does the Dubstep gun now cover your favourite genre of music? Let's hope that's a yes, then go out and buy the pack right now damn you!

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$2.99, probably £1.79. He says towards the end of the video

Posts: 166

That sounds like a cool pack for the dubstep, but how much is the dlc for it though?