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More Witcher in Witcher

By Kelevandos11-06-2013

The Witcher 3 trailer we gave you yesterday, directly from E3, undoubtedly was astonishing by itself. But come on, the guys from CDP Red would not be themselves if they did not push things a little bit further. So here you have two additional Witcher goodies!

First, the presented gameplay trailer was quickly followed by the above dev diary, which is significant for three reasons. First of all, it includes most scenes from the trailer, but this time in HD and without the E3-stream blur. Secondly, it is really epic and shows the dedication of the Polish guys, making sure that this game will truly be a "crowning achievement of the RPG genre". There is also one other thing, an Easter Egg of sorts.

In the trailer, a hidden message may be spotted. It is a letter from CDP RED devs, expressing their excitement and love towards gaming. They also hint at two things – first, if one watches the trailer cautiously, you can spot some new gameplay mechanics in it. The most obvious one is horse riding and sailing of course, together with the style, changing based on the situation which we mentioned before. Can you see anything else? Tell us in the comments below!

The other hint sends us over to www.thewitcher.com/KillingMonsters, where each week from now a new goodie will be available, seemingly connected with the CGI parts of the E3 trailer. This one is supposed to be something bigger, so we will keep you informed!

Witcher 3 sure does seem awesome and the dev team shows as much dedication as ever. What is the big thing they promise? Leave your comments below.

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Witcher in Witcher? Is that a new monitor interface? Like you get with cable?