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More Witcher 3 Screens Emerge

By MrJenssen15-04-2013

I wish I had something meaningful to say here. I wish I could go into detail about how amazing the images are, and how they foreshadow the coming of an epic game. But you people are PC gamers. So that means you've played The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. So you know what this game will be like. You know the insane attention to detail CD Projekt will put into this game. You also know the game will be open-world, and supposedly 20% larger than Skyrim. You know Geralt will be able to ride horses and you know that the game will look absolutely amazing.

Well none of that changes with these new screenshots but they sure are pretty to look at. Full of details for those who wish to study the images, they show off some fighting with giants, drinking in the local tavern and general winter madness. Ah, my Viking gene is already pumping. So check out the images in the gallery below!

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, I should do that too.

Course, I'm only ninety minutes into the first game so...

Posts: 223

@Leigh, I'm the same, I'm yet to finish W2. I lost about 15 hours worth of play time when upgrading my rig

Posts: 241

Looks incredible, now to finally finish Witcher 2.

Posts: 223

In a word W3 looks totally fucking sexy and pant bulging!!!